Friday, February 22

forever pink

Little girls, aged 3 to 7yo usually like everything in pink and would wear their princess dress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if they could.
But why this? Marketing gimmicks? Sex preference? Both?
I thought I should ask the little girls themselves.

This morning I had a long pink chat with Cyann, a 7yo French little girl living in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Flora is Cyann's favourite Winx character

So you like the colour pink?
Cyann: I've always loved pink. From the time I'm born.

So you are a princess then ?
C: Oh no, it’s too difficult to be a princess. Princesses must know everything about their country and receive more than 100 letters a day.
Oh really? And do they answer them all?
C: Only the most important ones.
Do all princesses wear pink dresses ?

C: No, Snow White has a yellow and blue dress and Cinderella wears blue.

Do you have favourite pink clothes ?
C: My favourite pants are khaki with pink glitter flowers.

Can you tell me a pink story ?
C: I love the WINX story. They are young girls with magical powers who fight their enemies. There is Bloom dressed up in blue, Stella in yellow, Tecna in purple, Musa in red, Leila in green and my favourite, Flora in pink.
And I love when they kiss their lovers on the lips.

Have you ever eaten anything pink? How does pink taste?
C: Yes, pink sweets. They taste like strawberry and raspberry.

What is your favourite pink thing?
The books. I love them. And this one in particular.
(she went and took a Princesses imaging book and showed it at the camera).

What are you wearing right now?
C: A pink and brown striped tee-shirt with pink heart buttons, under a pink cardigan.

Will you like the colour pink forever?
C: No, until the age of 7.
But you’re 7yo.
C: Yes, and now I start liking purple.

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