Wednesday, October 28

Sunday, October 25

the guys

It was extra training today. With the guys.

Click here for the version 'boys vs girls'.

Saturday, October 24

the water girl

It's the story of a little girl who likes water more than anything.
In progress.

Saturday, October 17

that's enough for today

Antonia was happy to see her father again after a day of shooting with the photographer Karin Nussbaumer I had the pleasure to assist.

Saturday, October 10


Today, I was assisting a great photographer, Josie Sykes on a photoshoot.

Wednesday, October 7


These young girls are having their class next to the girls I'm documenting the lives of.

Monday, October 5

Sunday, October 4


Lisette (left on the pic) was stressed when she came to the gym... and she left with a smile on her face.

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