Wednesday, May 28

a summer in Jämtland

Behind the curtain #4: conversation with Elisabeth Dunker, Swedish designer and photographer.
When I started this blog, I didn't know that I would meet so many talented, nice people from all around the world on the blogosphere.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Elisabeth Dunker, the Swedish designer and photographer from finelittleday, a blog about art, design and photography.
I wanted to interview Elisabeth when I heard that she had just completed a project for a Swedish children's magazine, Petit.

Elisabeth is a mother of 2 and you can easily tell from reading her blog that her children are a source of inspiration for her. The photographs she takes of them are always snapshots-of-the-moment. When shooting kids, she is motivated by a desire to "capture the real, true expressions of youth and likes the challenge of never being able to predict the result. She finds it "difficult and fun at the same time."

For Petit, she handled both the styling and photography of the "Vintage for kids" fashion serie. Why Vintage? because she wanted to "encourage and inspire people to wear vintage clothes more often", as she believes that "it is the ultimate in self-expression as well as a good way to recycle and protect the environement".

Elisabeth goes where her inspiration takes her and makes all forms of art blend together. She's already working on a new project for a kids/parents magazine, combining illustration and photography.
Who knows, she might come up with the idea of writing kids' stories one day. She has already told me one about one moment of her childhood that she'll never forget.
Here it is:
A summer in Jämtland in the north part of Sweden. The stunning nature, wild woods and the big sea. There were bears and those big dangerous cats in the woods, Lo (thanks heaven we never met one). Leechs and monsters (Sjöodjuret) in the water and an angry man in a ramshackle building. I can still feel the exciting feeling of running through the high grass on a warm sunny day, with my sisters and good friends. It was an adventure from beginning to end."

photograph by Elisabeth Dunker, for Petit.
I particularly like the fact that it uses a great dose of imagination, just how the kids would do it themselves - a shoe for the flag, a wooden stick for the spyglass, a box for the ship.

Monday, May 26


Princes Twins, 2004

Kids have a great imagination. And Yeondoo Jung had the brilliant idea to translate their drawings into photographs. The result looks like something from a dream.
More here.

Wednesday, May 21

those moments you won't forget

This picture captures lots of emotions and you can tell from looking at their face that it's an important moment for these kids who are taking their first swimming lesson.
Great shot. Intense and colourful.

Maël, Bratislava (third kid on the first row)

Monday, May 19

extra, extra

This boy reminds me of a newspaper boy, with his cap and his bag.
When he raised his arms into the air, you could almost have heard him yell "Extra, extra, read all about it."

Wednesday, May 14

the beach

This photograph looks unreal although it portrays the pretty ordinary scene of a child in a sand pit.
Photograph by Wendy Bevan.

Thursday, May 8

power training

I really like to observe children while they're playing. Observe and listen well. Here, the two boys were doing their "power training".
They're wearing the British School (winter) uniform.


This is the summer uniform of the British school.
Simplissime yet classy.

Wednesday, May 7


This picture was taken on Queen's day in Amsterdam, which is probably the most festive occasion of the year with all-out parties, stalls set up by the roadside and plenty of orange.

Don't ask me why this little boy is wearing a green mask and seems all alone on his houseboat. Love this shot ; thanks Vanessa.

Saturday, May 3

easy rider

This young boy was proudly holding his helmet while his young sister was trying on a new pair of shoes.
This made me take his picture.

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