Monday, February 18


I would like to start this week with a new section in the same line as the streetstyle looks that I'm already doing on kids and teenagers, but this time with a focus on anything with wheels from simple bikes to cargobikes to pushchairs. I'll call it the cruising looks.
And as for the streetstyle, the same rules will apply: the pictures should always convey something special about the look and feel and attitude.

To open this section, let's go arrrrrrrr! with the pirate flag.
It seems quite commom here in Amsterdam to customize your bike, a clever way to make it stand out and spot it among the crowd of thousands other bikes.

Along Sarphatipark

This is for me the opportunity to tell you about a really inspiring streetstyle & bike advocacy blog, called Copenhagen Cycle Chic. It has been properly described as a "Social Documentary in High Heels".

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