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Behind the curtain #1: conversation with Anne-Claire Petit.

Wallace and Gromit
Anne-Claire chose this picture to illustrate the interview.

I recently decided to open an interview section so as to know who's hiding behind the curtain. I'll mainly interview kids fashion designers in Europe and will try to run the interviews face-to-face as much as I can (could also be phone/email interviews when no other options).

I did my first interview with Anne-Claire Petit, which I hope to be the first in a long serie.

Anne-Claire Petit is a Dutch designer, althoug her name may sound French to some of you. Her great-grandfather comes from Belgium and her parents simply loved France.
ACP, if I may call her so, is the hand crochet expert and an animals lover. I would even say she is a technological rebellious, coming back to a simpler time and re-exposing children to wholesome and basic products.
Who said hand crochet was an old-fashioned craft?

I now hand over to ACP:
You come from the fashion industry. So why now the kids market and particularly the accessories/design focus?
ACP: After 4 years at an International fashion label, I felt like creating my own accessories label, aka ACP accessories. And after 10 years of fashion accessories, I thought it was the right time for me to focus on both kids and hand crochet. A quite logic step actually after designing crochet shawls.

What do you particularly hate in kids design/fashion?
ACP: I hate when people do not follow their own style and ideas.

Where do your ideas come from?
ACP: Everywhere really, from books to movies (particularly animation movies) and museums. I also take inspiration from old textile techniques.

Is there a new collection for every season? Anything new for this spring/summer?
ACP: A part of the collection does change but we also have a basics line all year round.
For this spring/summer, we'll welcome new comers like Miffy, the old famous bunny. The Rabbits, birds and bears will turn one single colour, namely black and off-white and you'll be discovering our new glove puppets with the original two fingers in the ears.

Kids fashion/design 10 years ago : how was it?
And in 10 years, how will it be like?
ACP: There is today a much larger variety in design and style than in the old days when it was either very classic or all colourful. The market is growing with, for instance, the introduction of new kids lines coming from adult brands.

Why did you keep your name as a brand name?
ACP: I felt it was the right name when we first launched the accessories line. And I couldn't be bothered searching for a new one.

Name of your favourite designer?
ACP: they are a few - Dries van Noten, apc, Bensimon. But also Aardman (Wallace and Gromit) and Pixar Animations for their unique style.

What do you like doing when you’re not working?
ACP: I go to second-hand markets but also love cooking for friends.

What’s your favourite bedtime story?
ACP: I love fairy tales.

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