Sunday, March 30


Brown hat by Bonpoint, turquoise overall by Croissant,
cradle and vichy sheet from the '60s

Félicie is born yesterday.
Today is Sunday and we're listening to her song, in family.

Friday, March 28


I think this picture perfectly showcases the passion some little girls have for horses.
Who else would want to wear this horses sweater?
Brooke and Cowboy, by Anne Hall
(via A cup of Jo)

Thursday, March 27


I just discovered this Belgian brand, Max et Lola, and this picture drew my attention in particular. Because of its colour coordination.

Wearing varying shades of the same colour don't usually make an outfit. It's actually often quite boring. Unless something stands out, bringing more life and personality to the outfit.
This is what happened here with the horizontal and vertical stripes pattern jacquet, which I believe revamped the olive green-brown-grey-ish outfit and pulled the whole look together.

All in all, wearing too much of anything, like colours, can be serious overkill.

I thought that this photograph by Harry Gruyaert (see previous post) would do well here.

Max et Lola 2007 Summer collection

Wednesday, March 26

all alone in the world

That's how I felt when I stumbled upon this photograph by Harry Gruyaert.
I found this picture both soothing and enchanting ; makes me wish I were there too.

Harry Gruyaert / Magnum Photos
Baie de Somme, Fort Mahon Plage, 1991
(Rivages exhibition -Le Bon Marché Paris, Jan/Feb08)

stripes and stripes

WOWO 2001-02 Winter collection

I've never been a big fan of stripes but this picture made me like them.

I didn't know why precisely until I passed two kids this morning, seemingly sister and brother, who were both wearing stripes to perfection (I didn't have my camera with me).
The girl was wearing red pink stripe leggings (pretty much similar to the ones featured on the picture) teamed with a square pattern coat in shades of pink as well. The combination worked very well.
The boy was wearing a striped blue coat that was a perfect match to his sister's outfit.

I now realise that mixing stripes can work very well especially if you find the right pieces that will pull the look together.
NB. Avoid overuse colours ; the stripes will suffice.

Tuesday, March 25

super DIY boy

It's amazing how a child can make something big out of little nothings.
Picture by superbomba.

Monday, March 24


Antik-Batik is usually well-known for its ethnic-inspired style with African prints or Hindu influences mostly.
So I was a little surpised when I discovered these summer outfits which reminded me more of the Art Nouveau movement and particularly of Gustav Klimt paintings.

I don't know for sure if the floral-inspired motifs and the curvilinear designs were meant to be a hint of the 1900 art style but they did make me think of it. And I also found out later that the designer Gabriella Cortese got her love for embroidery from her hungarian grandmother as well as her "love for Mitteeuropa, Klimt, Kokoschka and Schiele".

From top right: Mada Primavesi 1912 and Danae 1907, by Gustav Klimt

Saturday, March 22

chic, set and match

After the 70s revival, the 30s come into play.
I like these images where everybody looks like characters from a 1930s British garden party, with their chic white tennis silhouettes: the combination of the white skirts with pleats to allow motion and the straight-line chemises is a delight for the eyes.

Dresses by Simonetta (Vogue Bambini 08, #202)

Friday, March 21

white easter

It was spring today and the snow was blowing. Let's eat chocolate.

White blouse with puffy sleeves and pleating by Simonetta
(Vogue Bambini, March/April08)

the good old days

Lately, I've developed an appetite for vintage clothing.

Is it because vintage clothing adds a fantastic style to your child's wardrobe? Or because of the nostalgia and the sweet memories it brings back? Or simply because vintage clothing is different and wearing it is like wearing a made-for-you original?
I guess it's a little bit of everything.
I like this Easter picture from the 70s, which reminds me of my own Easter egg hunts.
I particularly like the style of the brown jacquet that the boy on the right is wearing (you can also note that big numbers was already a boys' thing at the time).

Thursday, March 20

animals track

Garanimals, the shortcut name for "garments and animals", is a 70s brand with an interesting concept, consisting of pairing pieces with the same animal identifier.

All the child has to do is to track the animal, coordinate lions pants with lion shirts, monkey skirts with monkey tops, etc and dress up.
I found this idea pretty creative and inventive as it assists the parents as well as helps the children develop their feeling of independence and self-confidence.

To get the idea, here are some pictures from the 70's (I couldn't find the animal character on the third picture's oufit -must be well hidden somewhere).For the nostalgia fans, Garanimals still exists with updated styles, colours and a few new animal characters - here.

Wednesday, March 19

another spaceship

I like the idea of a small detail telling a big story.
One of these photographs we would like to see more often.


This is the great view you get when you're the lucky one.

Inside view of a bakfiet, under the rain cover

Friday, March 14

rainbow flip

here.It could be a way of presenting the colour palette of a new collection.

Thursday, March 13

heroes through time

You can easily tell by their colours that these photographs date back to the late 60s/70s.

You couldn't get colours like this anymore, but you can surely meet these little heroes again: cow-boys, batman, superman, zorro...they all stood the test of time.

Why do boys seem so fascinated by these heroes? Is it because they're fighting for the lives of the goods? Because they pursue those about to commit a crime? Because they have guns or swords? Because they can fly? Or just because they are super?
I don't have the answer yet but will conduct an inquiry of little boys and will let you know.

More vintage pictures here.

Wednesday, March 12

little road workers

A friend of mine, during his trip to the Humanity Photo Contest Awarding Ceremony in China, took this shot: two school boys in navy blue uniforms on their way to school.

I like the combination of the rather strict and plain uniform with the warm yellow colour of their backpacks and hats.
And don't you think they look like little road workers with their helmet shaped hat and the school road sign on their backpack? - particularly with the orange traffic cones standing on the right side of the pavement ; nice coïncidence.

Great shot Nicolas!

Tuesday, March 11

once upon a mattress

When we think of pink, we usually think of girly possessions and other things of that nature, like "loving hearts" or "princesses". Pink princesses.

This time, the princess will not be pink but will have the delicate sense of feeling that none but a real princess could have. You all know the story of "The princess and the pea" by Andersen.
I particularly like this tale because it is not just another pink princess story yet a classic of the genre.
And also because of this enormous bed which is one of my favourite images.

The first picture below is from the fashion serie "Once upon a pea", from Milk dated March08 - the selection of mattresses and bed feathers is great.
The second one is the cover illustration of "the Princess and the pea" by Edmond Dulac.

Monday, March 10

go green

Today has been a day of typical March weather, raining on and off with the wind howling. So I thought that talking green looks would remind us that spring is just around the corner.

I found the green colour very flattering here, even if I personally think it suits the brunet/tes better.

clockwise from top left: tie&die dress by Maje ; striped sweat-shirt by WOWO ; green cotton dress by WOWO ; striped polo shirt by Pepe jeans and slim jeans by Finger in the Nose (from Milk, March08).

Friday, March 7

boys don't cry

But cow-boys do sometimes, when they are sad (you can read the story of this cow-boy here).I was amazed by the utter sincerity of the photograph.

Thursday, March 6

good vibes

Behind the curtain #3: conversation with Elizabeth Relin, founder and designer of WOWO
I told you in a previous post about WOWO Winter 08-09 collection that I would interview Elizabeth Relin, the brand designer. I eventually did.

Elizabeth was born under a lucky star.
She got the couture and fashion bugs from her French and US grand-mothers and developed a curiosity for the ethnic as she spent much of her childhood growing up in different places “Beirut, Madrid, Lisbon, Paris, ...”
. This would never leave her.

Elizabeth felt a strong desire to follow her passion for fashion. "I always wanted to have my own brand. Every experience was worth it. I was eager to learn". She began to design her own clothes and knitted her son's sweaters in a modern-baba style, inspired by the colourful fabrics she had brought back from India or Indonesia. Until she decided to launch her first kids collection, encouraged by a friend of hers. "I felt that a lot was done already in womenswear, I was looking for a niche market".

WOWO broke into the children's clothing market with a very personal style: "Vintage-ethnic-graphic" says Elizabeth, 3 words that capture her approach to life and work : the 70s spirit for the fun, a touch of retro because she has "a soft spot for old ladies wearing synthetic aprons with multi-coloured flowers", a blend of prints & colours bringing back some vibrancy from her travels. From Salvatore de Bahia she recalls "all these women in white eyelet dresses covering their hair with a turban...".

Elizabeth is like a radar, always seeking for inspiration, curious about everything and liking to be surprised. This is how she came up with a style of her own. She admires the work of the Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato for her sense of "too many details" and also because "she does not follow the standards". "My children?" Their influence is huge: Mateo, with his "Chinese face", brought the ethnic touch, Ruben who looked like "a grandpa from the 50s" gave the retro spirit and Angela taught her the 'mix and match'. She also used to call her brother WOWO.
Elizabeth is elated when she collects images, children books, photographs, street tags, pictures from a movie, embroidery pieces, dolls or tapestries from the 70s . "Everything is useful". Elizabeth never stops learning and does everything with passion and lightheartedness.

Faithful to the tradition of asking my guests to select a picture to illustrate the interview, I was not surprised by Elizabeth's choice: a photograph with children having fun but one little girl. Another example of her humour and philosophy to life. "Good vibes are essential for what remains a tough job at the end of the day".
The photograph is by Catherine Larré (WOWO - Summer 2002 collection).

Discover the Spring/Summer 08 collection here.

Wednesday, March 5

no milk

The Spring issue of Milk hasn't arrived in Amsterdam yet.

Tuesday, March 4

moody air

Spring edition of Small just released.
I came accross this photograph which reminded me of the atmospheric Sofia Coppola's Virgin Suicides: the melancholy mood, the colours, the light and airy dresses underlying the innocence of youth. And to complete the picture, here's the "Playground Love" soundtrack by Air.

Monday, March 3


I had a flash of pink and red when I passed this little girl who was rushing to the playground.
Just had time to snap her and she was gone (which explains why the picture is a bit blur, sorry for this).

Vondelpark, playground

Do you still think that pink and red don't look good together?

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