Sunday, May 31

Thursday, May 28


In the Netherlands, kids learn to swim with their clothes on.

Tuesday, May 26

cold / warm

In front of a swimming pool -- Zuiderbad, Amsterdam.
I decided to shoot kids just when they came out of the swimming pool, to capture their state of mind/look at this precise moment.
I called this series 'wet hair'.
(more shots will follow).

Monday, May 25

Sunday, May 24

trained to perfection

I met them in Vondelpark on Queen's Day and was impressed by their performance.
I'm hoping to know them better and develop a photo story on those girls sharing the same passion for gymnastic.

limonade + cake = €1

Friday, May 22

Thursday, May 21

hip hop

They made up these hip hop moves on the spot, right after their swimming lesson.

small orange

Summer issue of small magazine is out.

Tuesday, May 19


She's probably training in a circus school.

Wednesday, May 6

Tuesday, May 5

Monday, May 4


on the road

It's about kids and caravans. On the road.
I hope to share this ongoing project with you soon.

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