Friday, March 5

Thursday, March 4



I'm currently getting myself into picture researching thus spending quite some time browsing through photographers' portfolios online.
In the meantime, I'm sharing a bit more of our everyday life...

Monday, March 1

Monday, February 15

Friday, February 12

Thursday, February 11

Wednesday, February 10

it was unexpected

We woke up this morning to find snow on the ground... totally unexpected.

Tuesday, February 9

little people

On a foggy week-end.

Sunday, January 31

let's party

These pictures are special moments of childhood that I enjoyed capturing and am keen to further track down for you.
So if you live in Amsterdam and its region and would like to keep some memories alive, I'd love to hear from you.
Birthday & pyjamas parties, playdates, special events, school performances or even more natural things like riding a bike down the street... anything you want to remember and be able to share with your kids as they grow.
Let's discuss it together and this how this goes - it's a bit of an experiment but I'm very excited about starting something new.

Thursday, January 28

I'm back

I've been pretty quiet on this blog lately, but I'm back today and up for a fresh start.

During that period of time, I put my camera away and digged into the world of photography, meeting with various people from the commercial photo industry (agents, producers, photo agencies), browsing a lot through online portfolios (found really inspiring the project Yangtze, The Long River by Nadav Kander), visiting museums (discovered the work of Alexander Rodchenko at the foam museum), seeing the world through images.

Here's how I see myself taking a new start this year:
I'm available to join forces on production missions, so please contact me if you need extra help (I'm French, based in Amsterdam, 8 years exp. in advertising and a great passion for photography).

I'll keep on making pictures of kids in my own way -- I want my photographs to be real and have substance. I like to be surprised and see how and what the kids bring to the photograph. I'll be patient and wait for the right moment. I may explore portraiture.
I'll document my own kids of course, but also their friends, and the friends of their friends. And if it works out well, I may develop personal series for private use or do portraits on location.

Let's see how this goes. Any thoughts, ideas I'd love to hear it - you can leave a comment below.

Friday, December 4

time off

I would like to share some news with you. I'm currently exploring new areas of photography so I might not be posting before some time.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Wednesday, November 18

hands full

Doesn't it sound familiar?

Sunday, November 15

Friday, November 6

mentally rehearsing

'I was rehearsing my pirouette in my head, focusing on one point on the wall in front of me'.

Sunday, November 1

dark angel

Halloween night.
You can see the full series on Small.

Wednesday, October 28

Sunday, October 25

the guys

It was extra training today. With the guys.

Click here for the version 'boys vs girls'.

Saturday, October 24

the water girl

It's the story of a little girl who likes water more than anything.
In progress.

Saturday, October 17

that's enough for today

Antonia was happy to see her father again after a day of shooting with the photographer Karin Nussbaumer I had the pleasure to assist.

Saturday, October 10


Today, I was assisting a great photographer, Josie Sykes on a photoshoot.

Wednesday, October 7


These young girls are having their class next to the girls I'm documenting the lives of.

Monday, October 5

Sunday, October 4


Lisette (left on the pic) was stressed when she came to the gym... and she left with a smile on her face.

Wednesday, September 30

Tuesday, September 29

off she goes

See you next week ladies.

Sunday, September 27

the end of a sunny day in September

He came out of the water and smiled at me.

I like how he (and his friends) blocked the small car between their shoes.

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