Thursday, July 24

little Mr Bean

This kid seems to be popular in his neighbourhood as he spends most of his afternoons riding his big wheel dressed up.
Here, he decided to dress like Mr. Bean. His wardrobe also includes a Spider-man suit and if you're lucky he wears his Mr. Bean suit with the Spidey mask!

(via acupofjo)

Monday, July 21

beach game

Two kids drew my attention in both games.
(I like to still be able to follow the others' reaction)

Sunday, July 20

on top of her game

I like her posture, her jump, her outfit.

passe à 10

The kids were playing a "passe à 10" -the object of the game is to pass the ball 10 times in a row to a member of your team.
They were actually training to prepare for their tennis tournament. As an extra challenge, they had to do push-ups each time they would let the ball fall on the ground.

The storm broke just after I took this serie of photographs.

Saturday, July 19


Some kids were frightened, others were giggling, all were enthusiastically shouting back at the puppets.

I highly recommend this Guignol Puppet show, on the beach near the port of Pornichet. It is a small theatre owned by an old lady who could be your own grandma. Half an hour before the show starts, she walks down the beach ringing the Guignol bell to draw the crowd to the theatre. And then she goes playing at least 3 different characters, assisted by her grandchildren.

When the show ends, the old lady invits the kids to shake Guignol's hand.

Guignol, Pornichet - everyday at 6.30pm ; 2 euros.


Kids can't walk. They're always in a hurry.

Friday, July 18

father and son

Can you see the happy face of the boy?

Thursday, July 17

heads down

You often see kids squatting with their heads down on the beach: some pick up shells, others dig in the sand or build castles and tunnels and circuits. They can spend hours beachcombing.

I like the "man on the hat" of the yellow girl. Does anyone know this brand?

did I say

...I would rest for 15 days at the beach?
My kids surely did.

(the green dress is by Marese and the yellow jumper by Broer & Zus)

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