Thursday, February 14


Valerie Anne Hash shrinked and became Mademoiselle.

I could not resist the opportunity to present this serie of photographs where a shrinked little girl is portrayed in a real life decor: a simple yet so clever idea to launch this first Autum/Winter 08-09 collection for little girls, aged 4 to 10.

You can see the attention to detail in each picture. As well as a poetic feel reflecting the romantic style of the collection.

Valérie Anne Hash Mademoiselle -Autum/Winter 08-09 collection
Photograph, Fabrice Laroche ; Artistic Director, Chikala Funada.

These photographs reminded me a street art project from a London artist who places figurines on the ground in everyday situation. This is alsways surprising and leaving a smile on your face.

you can click this picture to view it bigger and spot the kite
Little people, by Slinkachu.


aurelie said...

I like this post very much ! Aurelie

Anonymous said...

Chère Sophie -Merci, l'article est absolument adorable, Anne Valérie sera ravie de le voir. Claire Joly

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