Thursday, December 25

Tuesday, December 23


girls talk

electro beat

Modern dance class -kids, aged 12 to 14yo, are rehearsing on an electro beat.


Christmas parade

Some children decorated their horse for Christmas.

seventies revival

I actually took this shot last week, right after school, at Pasteur college -La Celle-St-Cloud, France.

horse watching

ranch cowboy

Wednesday, December 10

Monday, December 1

business mood

He decided he wanted to wear a tie today.

Saturday, November 29

family gang

photo of the month

I'm very happy to be the photographer guest of Time Out Amsterdam's december issue.

in his dad's footsteps

Friday, November 28

Tuesday, November 25

closed eyes

I first spotted this little girl for her hat and feather in it, but funny enough, I didn't chose this one shot for that reason. I actually like how she seems to be doing some magic tricks, like trying to stop time.

west side story

When they saw me with my camera, they asked: "is it for a paper?"

tartan etc

girls like tough guys

The judokas started their training in the corridor and these two little girls enjoyed the game.

Friday, November 21


On a fish market.

Thursday, November 20

flash of pink


The right color combo can make a sport outfit look elegant, and still comfortable.

Small début

I'm thrilled and honoured to be one of the special guest editors of Small magazine Winter 08 issue, in small street style (p103).
For this issue onwards, I'll photograph stylish kids in their own environments and clothes.

Thursday, November 13

Tuesday, November 11

Thursday, November 6

goal -one leg in boots

She's wearing her pants with one leg only tucked into her knee high boots.

Tuesday, November 4


They have many zip pockets, skull prints, black nails & gothic style accessories and are 11yo.

Mademoiselle found a friend

It's not her dog but she went straight to him.


Friday, October 31

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