Wednesday, February 27


A young footballer was praticing this morning at Sarphatipark. He was obviously wearing the national red-white-blue colours, but not only in fact.
I indeed realised that he was also displaying quite a number of brands that I could easily identify by their recognisable logos: Nike swoosh on the ball, Puma swoosh on his shoes, Adidas 3 stripes on his short and jacquet as well as Adidas 3...D-91074 code, which I thought was just a random number.

But after googling it, I realised it was also a brand code standing for the following: the digit 3 is associated with the 3 stripes, the letter D stands for Adi Dassler -the Adidas founder, and the 91074 number is the zip code of the company in Germany. Surprising, isn't it?

I couldn't identify what the red diamond logo on his socks stood for ; can you? (click the first picture to view it bigger).


Anonymous said...

Socks are from Umbro.
Shoes from Nike (not Puma).

Really like your blog.

Anonymous said...

D is also for Deutschland, which is often placed infront of German zip codes

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