Tuesday, March 24

same old jokes

the blue vs the red


There was a kids tournament this week-end at A.V.V. Swift football club.

Sunday, March 22

nothing to lose

He knows he's asking something he should not.

Tuesday, March 17


I covered the backstage of a kids fashion show.
I expected it to be pretty chaotic with kids running all around but I have to say that everything went very smoothly.
(more photos on my flickr).

Thursday, March 12


I'm currently working on a personal project with a hockey club in Amsterdam.
The goals look like warriors.

Sunday, March 8

International Women's Day

March 8th, 2009 -Amsterdam.
Kids and their mothers are on the street to celebrate the day.

Saturday, March 7

an ice cream after swimming

They are just coming out of the swimming pool.
Zuiderbad, Amsterdam.

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