Tuesday, February 26

a world without girls

This could have been the set-up of a movie about a gang of young bad boys, wishing for a world without girls (to quote one of them).
This was actually an everyday scene of brothers and friends, aged 4 to 10, of Dutch Spanish and Dutch Chilean nationalities, that I enjoyed shooting this afternoon: the scene of 4 boys chasing and fighting each other with big wooden sticks, by a falling giant tree in Vondelpark.

Have you also noticed that they were all dressed up in blue under the mud?
Pink for girls, blue for boys.


Sophie C. said...

Hi Lourdes, I'm not sure to have your email address right ; so if you read this, could you please give it back to me so that I can send a few picts of this gang!
(Lourdes is the mother of two of these young boys).

Anonymous said...

The names of the boys are (topmost photo, left to right): Emilio, Camilo, Pol, Nicolas. 7, 10, 8 and 5 years old.

Thanks Sophie for publishing these nice photographs.

One happy father. (of Pol and Nicolas)

yscham said...

wow what a trendy gang!Blue and mud brown are THE new colors!
I thought to recognize one of these boys as a very good soccer player, Pol Hinten! Hup Pol!

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