Friday, December 4

time off

I would like to share some news with you. I'm currently exploring new areas of photography so I might not be posting before some time.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Wednesday, November 18

hands full

Doesn't it sound familiar?

Sunday, November 15

Friday, November 6

mentally rehearsing

'I was rehearsing my pirouette in my head, focusing on one point on the wall in front of me'.

Sunday, November 1

dark angel

Halloween night.
You can see the full series on Small.

Wednesday, October 28

Sunday, October 25

the guys

It was extra training today. With the guys.

Click here for the version 'boys vs girls'.

Saturday, October 24

the water girl

It's the story of a little girl who likes water more than anything.
In progress.

Saturday, October 17

that's enough for today

Antonia was happy to see her father again after a day of shooting with the photographer Karin Nussbaumer I had the pleasure to assist.

Saturday, October 10


Today, I was assisting a great photographer, Josie Sykes on a photoshoot.

Wednesday, October 7


These young girls are having their class next to the girls I'm documenting the lives of.

Monday, October 5

Sunday, October 4


Lisette (left on the pic) was stressed when she came to the gym... and she left with a smile on her face.

Wednesday, September 30

Tuesday, September 29

off she goes

See you next week ladies.

Sunday, September 27

the end of a sunny day in September

He came out of the water and smiled at me.

I like how he (and his friends) blocked the small car between their shoes.

cool down

I attended my second session yesterday at the gym club. Got to know the girls better.

Evelien is always laughing.

Wednesday, September 23

Monday, September 21


She's the gymnastics teacher.

Sunday, September 20

the story of 7 young dutch gymnasts

This Saturday, I attended the first training session of 7 young and talented gymnast girls. Aged 12 to 17 yo, they train 10 hours per week and compete on a national level for some of them.
Over the next few months, I will follow them and hope to understand who they are under their uniform.
I want to write their story.

Friday, September 18

Thursday, September 17

like Rossy de P.

In the room before the start of fashion shows.

I've chosen this title following Paola's comment.

Wednesday, September 16


They were rehearsing before walking down the catwalk.

-- International fashion fair for kids at FIMI in June, Valencia-Spain ; 2010 spring/summer collection --

Tuesday, September 15

Saturday, September 12

Wednesday, September 9

Monday, September 7

Tuesday, September 1

the real deal

I've just started working on a new photo project that will document the lives of teenagers. Real life, no posing, no cheating.

(thanks to Miro, Jennifer and their friends for being so natural in front of the camera).

Wednesday, August 19

Tuesday, August 18

the door is guarded

Summer camp. It's time for everyone to brush their teeth before going to bed. There's only one way out.

Monday, August 17

Saturday, August 15

Wednesday, August 12

Tuesday, August 11

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Saturday, August 1

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