Tuesday, March 11

once upon a mattress

When we think of pink, we usually think of girly possessions and other things of that nature, like "loving hearts" or "princesses". Pink princesses.

This time, the princess will not be pink but will have the delicate sense of feeling that none but a real princess could have. You all know the story of "The princess and the pea" by Andersen.
I particularly like this tale because it is not just another pink princess story yet a classic of the genre.
And also because of this enormous bed which is one of my favourite images.

The first picture below is from the fashion serie "Once upon a pea", from Milk dated March08 - the selection of mattresses and bed feathers is great.
The second one is the cover illustration of "the Princess and the pea" by Edmond Dulac.

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read me... said...

thanks for visiting read me... i love these pictures... the princess & the pea was my favorite bedtime story when i was a little girl!

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