Wednesday, June 25


Last day of school.
I used to love this day where we were allowed to bring our favourite things from home.
Anyone else excited about the last day of school?

(photo from life in soviet russia - private moments)


Anonymous said...

Indeed, me too I remember we spent more time outside than in the class, doing some sport, running everywhere with full energy... the flavour of the holidays brought joy, a bit of sadness for the friends we will see less and a lot of excitment for the coming weeks...sun, rest, games and leaving outside!!!
Thank you Sophie for reminding me that at an early age I just wanted to spent more time playing outside than staying in the office all day!!!!
Warm regards to miss BING BING BING... ;)

Sophie C. said...

Ak -

this is so true.
...and then come the first day of school which is often filled with anxiety, excitement, and joy at the promise of a new year.

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