Thursday, January 17

who's who -kleine fabriek continued

The Belgium brands were there : Zorra, Quincy, Simple Kids, Maan.
No doubt they have a style of their own made of a combination of prints and fabrics, which gives the silhouette a "retro style with a serious edge" (to quote the sales manager of Quincy).

I was however a bit puzzled to see that the 4 stands all displayed dolls and racks in a similar way to present their collection, which makes it difficult to differentiate the brands.
Here's a quick blind test, so that you get the picture :

(from top to bottom : Maan, Quincy, Simple Kids, Zorra.)

Having said that, if you look more carefully at the collection of each brand, you can notice some nice pieces and looks that I guess will make the difference.
I particularly liked :
Maan's fake-fur coloured collars that will brighten up any darker coat, while keeping you warm:

Zorra's fresh prints stamped on the tee-shirts:

Simple Kids' camel coat, electric blue colour theme as well as the silhouette combining the flare pants and the Pow tee-shirt:
I was a bit disappointed by Quincy stand which displayed its clothes by gender only (vs theme for the others), which left me with a confusing feel of the collection. Plus, it seemed top-secret as I was not allowed to take any pictures. Here's one however:

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