Monday, January 21

farm boy meets city girl -kleine fabriek continued

Imps&Elfs stand

"Farm boy meets city girl. And vice versa": it's what the new Imps&Elfs fall/winter collection is about.
Their stand is a celebration of the country, with caravans displaying clothes and free apples, applesauce & apple-pies to bring back home with you.

So be ready next year to chase after the perfect country boy and city girl outfits.

dolls showcasing the new collection on the stand
(I'm surprised not to see any obvious signs of country or city inspiration, do you ?)

While waiting for the collection, here is what you should expect:
- under the country theme: a cow on a tee-shirt with "milk" underneath it or shirts with Elstar or Golden Delicious on them ;
- under the city life theme: prints such as a city sky-line on the horizon and also sweatshirts adorned with letters and numbers ;
- and new models of jeans, such as "the employee", gentlemen's-style trousers for girls or "the boyfriend fit" for boys.

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