Thursday, January 24

the L.A. inspiration -kleine fabriek continued

I would like to end this trade fair section with 3 Dutch denim brands which all left me with a L.A. kind of feel.
-see the big Vingino logo stamped on almost everywhere, the "revelation of the year" sign linked to the Truth or Dare brand name or the removable "Che" or "$" knee patches on No Tomatoes jeans.

Anyhow, Vingino is doing great here in Holland -does the "Italian spirit" (to quote the sales manager when talking about the essence of the brand) have anything to do with the brand popularity?
Truth or Dare seems to be quite popular too, from what I read on their website.
And we wish good luck to No Tomatoes -their name comes from the fact that the founder designer didn't like tomatoes, which also explains the choice of a lemon for their logo - still with me?

Vingino, created in 2001

Truth or Dare, created in 2005

No Tomatoes, launch in 2008

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