Monday, April 14

think different

I often hear that it's easier and more fun to shop for clothes for girls than it is for boys because there's more to choose among - more clothes, more colours, more prints and patterns.

There might be some truth in that but I believe that it's also a matter of habits and perception.
Who said that purple was not for boys? That boys would only wear jeans and tee-shirts? That tops should be either plain, striped or adorned with big numbers and letters to please them? That brown and blue were pretty much the only two available colours for them?

Hopefully, the two outfits below will make you look at the offer differently.
I picked up those outfits as I really like their casual elegant style.

checked sweater by Pepe Jeans
(Milk dec07)
purple sweater by Zadig & Voltaire,
striped shirt by Hartford (Milk dec07)

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