Wednesday, April 23

the goods and the bads

Family Days ; photographs Todd Deutsch

Little boys have a passion for super heroes. I knew it and now I have proof: I've interviewed young boys, aged 4 to 8, from England, Argentina, USA, Holland, France and Spain.

They all seem to share the same fascination with the good and the bad guys, the super powers, the guns and the swords.

Their super heroes are Luke Skywalker, Batman, Jack Sparrow, Albator, Superman, Spiderman, Hulk.
They think they are "super" because they stand and fight for the right, "killing and battling the bad guys and coming to the rescue of the good guys."
They love when they "fly, kick and punch" like Superman, "jump, climb and snare the bad guys with web" like Spiderman or "beat the bads with a single blow" like Hulk.

It's amazing to see how these heroes are a part of their world - they watch them on DVDs, play with their figures, proudly wear their tee-shirts or total outfit, sing their song, draw them and act like them.
John and Oscar both want to wear belts to hold their swords, like their heroes. Nicolas did his special Hulk-kick, kicking in the air until his shoe came off flying. And Henry told me the story of "a robot attacking the city to then be knocked down by the bad guy who wanted to prove he was the strongest but eventually got himself beaten up by the super hero".

If some boys cultivate a strong passion for superheroes, others like Nicholas are not at all into it but seems to know everything about trains, trams and airplanes. I guess I'll investigate this further soon.

Thank you Marceau, Lucas, Karim, Henry, John, Nicholas, Pol, Nicolas, Oscar, Eric.

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Melissa said...

Hello Sophie,

This is exactly the type of interview I conduct when designing a new collection. I love it when little boys start adding noises to their comments like "so the heroe through his leg in the air "BANG" and then he rolled on the floor "SHEEE" and finally kicked the bad guy "PING"

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